Sunday, 18 December 2011

Shot List

Song Part
Shot Type
What happens in the shot?
Intro : First 15 seconds
One - Seven
Close up & Extreme close ups of face, fade out between
Verse 1
Eight, nine, ten
Close up, Match-On-Action
Shots of band. Eight = Lead Singer. Nine = Close up of Guitar
Ten = Drums

Paul pacing bedroom

Bully face, black background

Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen
Close-up, Mid-shot to Close-up
Shots between angry/laughing bullies & increasingly close shots of Paul, closing up to his face
Music louder, closer to chorus
Paul throws items off of desk in fit of fury

Twenty, twenty one, twenty two
Close-up & Extreme Close-Up
All three in quick succession, close to Paul's face, showing fury as he does this.

Twenty three
Mid Close-up
All of the bullies laughing sinisterly into camera lense
Twenty four, Twenty Five
Match-On-Action, Close up
24 – match on action closeup of guitar, close-up lead singer

Twenty Six
Paul runs from room, towards stairs, camera is behind him

Twenty Seven, Twenty Eight
Match-On-Action, Close-up
Drummer playing drums, close up from behind

Twenty nine, Thirty, Thirty One
Jump-Cuts, Wideshot
Paul running down stairs, three jump cuts

Thirty two, thirty three, thirty four
Mid-shot, match-on-action, continuity
Paul gets down stairs, opens the door, runs out

Thirty five - Fourty Two
Long Shot
Paul runs from house, extremly quick editing to Paul running through streets, etc

Chorus ends, Verse 2 begins

Fourty Three

Long Shot

Paul stops, hands against walls, catches breath

Fourty Four
Close-up, focus change
Paul out of breath, see a group of laughing youths

Fourty Five, Fourty Six, Fourty Seven, Fourty Eight
Shot-Reverse-Shot, Long-shot
They laugh at him, then leave

Fourty Nine
Shot from side of paul, he leaves

Establishing shot
Shot of woods

Fifty One, Fifty Two, Fifty Three, Fifty Four
Point of view, crabbing shots
Goes between point of view & crabbing shots of Paul walking through woods

Fifty five
Wide-shot of band

Fifty Six, Fifty Seven, Fifty Eight
Over-the shoulder & Close-up
Paul looks both ways in woods, one is light, one is dark

Fifty Nine
Camera goes behind, he 'splits' off into both direction. One half goes on way, one goes the other.

'Continued Split-shot' long shot
Camera watches him walk away either way.

Sixty One
Paul walking from woods, considerably more contrast/darkness in shot.

Sixty Two – Sixty Five
Mid-Shot, Mid-Close up, Close up, Extreme close up
Jump Cuts closer to Paul, still dark

Sixty Six
Cut to mid-shot
Paul, normal light

Sixty Seven-Seventy Five
Mix of shots
Mix of dark/light Paul travelling towards the same cathedral & band shots
Chorus Begins
Seventy Five – One hundred
Band playing & both Paul's looking at graveyard & church
Chorus Ends, Guitar Solo
Hundred and one
Guitar/Guitar player
Interlude of Song

Close-ups, mid shots,
Pauls looking at gravestones
Ending Chorus Repeats

Close-ups, mid shots, wide shots, long shots
Lots of band shots, both Pauls moving to tree. Sit down either side, both back in the same shot, 'Split-shot' again.

Close up
Hand falling down, dropping pill bottle,another hand reaching out to grip it.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Exposing only one colour in Video

As with my Digipak, I'd like to use this effect in my video, when using clips of the band, so whilst this quide is for the wrong software, I'm pretty sure it's the same general idea for Adobe Premiere. I will test this at a later date.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Location & Permission

My House
There is no permission needed here, it's all sorted, Paul will come to my house on a monday when my parents are at work, so I need not worry about them being in the way, etc.

SJS Band Member House
That is all sorted with the manager, we can use their house.

Pershore Abbey
I got into contact with the Pershore Abbey Minister via e-mail, and he wanted me to ring him so we could arrange a date to meet face to face. After several attempts ringing him in the allotted hours he suggested in the e-mail, with no reply, I realised he was probably extremely busy with Christmas coming up. So I decided, a little after Christmas day, I will ring him again, to try and get a date sorted to meet him. Below is the e-mail reply he sent. I will keep this posted & updated.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Choreography/Movements and Blocking

Camera Positions & Movement
The camera positions and movements whilst viewing the band will follow them almost completely, including close ups of the use of the instruments & singing.
The camera will also, at times, follow the main 'character' in this video in several ways. Sometimes it will follow behind him in his exact footsteps, sometimes it will watch him as he does something or is involved in something.

The performer positions and movements
The bands positions will generally include playing instruments & singing, there won't be any fixed choreography in time with the music other than singing & playing the instruments. There will be no fixed choreography in the way of dance, etc. Again, with the 'main character' there won't be any fixed choreography, there will be close up, emotional moments, etc, but no actual dance, etc.

The location of other important features of the mise en scene
Whilst in the bands house, there will of course be an amp, etc, to make the band playing look realistic, and whilst in front of the cathedral, they will need to be placed decently in front of the church.
With my 'main character' who ends up spiralling into death in one 'storyline' I will need things such as the pills I will show to suggest his death. There will also be a scene where he walks through a graveyard, the gravestones will be key in this scene.

Camera Movement & Blur Test
I used a camera to film my media teacher to see at what speed would the camera begin to blur and how quickly it would focus, etc. Below is the result.
I found that I had little problem with camera blurring under fast movement, however, when I was moving the camera fast, as I most likely would in the music video filming, I often lost sight of my target, I will need to be more careful when actually filming and keep a close eye on  what the camera can see.

Costumes & Props

Needed Props:

Costumes for the SJS Band:

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Performers - Casting

Lead Singer & Guitarist: James Mattey
Drumer: Seb Fell
Bass Guitarist: Sarah Walker
Depressed Teenager: Paul Austin
Possible Extras: Sarah Tyrer, Cameron Fairburn, Sam Jeffrey, Rosie Emms and maybe others.
For my casting, I have already decided the four main people ion the music video. This will include the actual band, as shown to the left, who will mainly be in the chorus playing the instruments. The 'main character' of the Video, and album in general, will be played by a friend of mine named Paul Austin. He does Drama at A Level, and did so at GCSE also.
He is the main face of the Digipak, due to the ide aof the 'album' to be following the story of this teenager (Who will be played by Paul).
He is reliable, as shown by him showing up on perfect time for the photoshoot, and he fits the part for a rock music video well, as he has longer hair, which fits a slightly stereotypical view of rock listeners. Due to his acting ability and comfort infront of a character, he will be able to play a troubled/depressed teenager well.

The band will also be reliable as they are receiving a music video from his, therefore they are just as hopeful as me for this to go well.

There will also be arguing parents of the main character within the video, these will be played by my parents.

The people I have picked out to be Extras are all fairly close friends and over half of them also do drama at A level, so they will be fine in front of a camera.

Time Management - Research & Planning

What I plan to do & When:
07/12/11 - Performers & Casting, Time Management sheet
09/12/11 - Choereography/moments & blocking, Costumes & Props
12/12/11 - Continued Research into target audience, Storyboarding
14/12/11 - Storyboarding
15/12/11 - Storyboarding
16/12/11 - Shotlist

Out of Lessons:
10-11/12/11 - Organisation of locations/permission & Research into target audience
17-18/12/11 - Finish off anything unfinished.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Additional 'Research' which inspired me for this video

As mentioned earlier in my blog, several music videos inspired me when creating this video.
Including Linkin Park - Numb, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down and Eminem - Space Bound.
These have all inspired me in several ways, as I felt it included as research, I felt I would explain why.

First, the Space Bound video by Eminem. This video is nothing to do with the genre I wanted to do, other than a few guitar rifts. However, if you watch the video, at exactly 1:20, Eminem 'splits' into two, using the same camera trick I want to do. This video inspired me to do this, as I thought it was a really good concept, yet I felt it wasn't played upon enough, in this video, one side got angry, etc, and the other side just sat down and rapped.

Second, Linkin Park - Numb, this video inspired me in two ways. First, the very basis of my music video, having the band and the 'story' of the video completely separate. In this video it follows a girl who is too going through some depression and it feelings rather abandoned and alone. I felt it worked extremely well, as it is one of Linkin Parks' biggest Music Videos.

Finally, with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, they too used the 'separate' feel from the band and the main character, however, they had a slightly more 'indie' feel which I felt would work for my band, in the way that they were playing in a simple house, nowhere special, whilst Linkin Park was playing in a church.

These three videos inspired me greatly during the research & planning phase of the video.

Post-Digipak Audience Feedback

After finishing the Digipak, I went back to some people who I knew were rock fans, and asked them a few questions, to the left is one of the responses. There were only two things I heard complains about - first, that the stars ratings should have been in white, instead of black.
Second, from only one person, (whilst talking in person, which I didn't film) that they didn't understand why the guitar was at the dinner table on the front of the Digipak. However, he only brought that up once I pointed it out, he then afterwards said that he still liked it as it was "A bit weird, which you see a lot on front of albums". So despite the idea of 'humanising' the guitar didn't come across (possibly due to me not doing it strongly enough), it still worked, as it was just generally a more entropic idea, which, looking through Rock albums, is often the case.

Printwork - Finished Digipak

Printwork - Finished Advert

Monday, 14 November 2011

Logo Ideas

Just some ideas for the Digipak logo/how I would have the name. I circled what I liked in the end, hopefully it will turn out well in the finished product.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Advert Research : Duff McKagan's Loaded - The Taking

Duff McKagan's Loaded - The Taking
The first thing I noticed about this advert design is theme of grey colouring. I only notice two colours other than black, white and grey. There is a tiny purple line around the CD design to the bottom right and the red star in the band's name, this, however, upon checking up on the band, is often there in the name, so I know to ignore this for the particular advert. There are also colours in the icons at the bottom (such as the facebook and twitter icons).

I notice that the album name "The Taking" is written in black marker pen over a line of duct tape. This, along with the hands tied with rope, connotes a feeling of being imprisoned or kidnapped. I assume that this is a feeling that will resonate across the album, being trapped. I notice that the skin is also very pale and the image of the band is also kept in the black and white effect.

The Colour grey is a very neutral colour, and is quite a conservative colour. There are many things it can be used for, some are relevant to this picture, some aren't. Here are a few that are:

  • Cold
  • Gloom
  • Horror Elements
It is very important to use colours that would work well for your genre. This band is a heavy metal band, so they use darker colours. However, a country music band would use much lighter, softer colours such as green, yellow and light blue.

The white lettering over black/dark grey colouring makes it stand out, so you can see it better. If they'd use simple black lettering, it would be near impossible to read with the background. There is no single theme on the lettering of the advert, the name of the album, the name of the band and the information about songs to the right is all used in different fonts.

The use of the hands being tied on front of an advert is quite an entropic look. However, due to the magazine I pulled this from being a Heavy Metal/Rock magazine, it's not nearly as entropic as it usually would be. It's not quite redundant, still odd but it fits in more. However, if a pop musician did this, then it would be very rare and entropic.

There are, as always, the redundant images of the bands record company "Armoury" for this band. And the facebook, twitter and youtube images at the bottom are also redundant. They have only been implemented on adverts, etc, recently, but the 'craze' quickly caught on, and it is no an everyday thing to see.

I like the use of the hands being tied up, and that is an actual photographic image, not something an artist created. I don't have the funds to pay an artist to create/draw band images, so it would be a lot easier if I used a photographic image like this. I also like the image of being tied up on this. I might use this idea, but make it my own, it would have to be different.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Presenting my Research - Findings

After attempting both the use of Prezi and Blogger to show my findings, I have found both are a good source to research. However, both have upsides and downsides. For example, I found Blogger was a lot easier to go into details of the Digipak, however, on Prezi, I could point to what I was talking about and be more interactive. After thought, for my next piece of research, the adverts for CDs, I will again present two pieces, but one in blogger and one on Prezi.

DigiPak Research: Linkin Park - Meteora

Monday, 7 November 2011

DigiPak Research: Foo Fighters - One By One

Front Cover

Foo Fighters - One By One

Throughout the Album, I notice the image of the heart coming up (on the front cover and the inlay), this could be a representation of the album as a whole, considering their use of 'One By One' in dark red text, which often connotes the heart itself. This is a recurring theme throughout the album and adverts for the album (I checked quickly through the use of Google).

On the back of the DigiPak, there is a large group image of the band. The lead singer is at the front and the rest of the band is slightly behind him (a redundant image). They have used photoshop to make the image black and white, which is also a recurring theme throughout the DigiPak at least, as shown by the black and white image of the heart on the inside and the front.

Other than black and white, only red is used, both in the text of the album name, parts of the back and for the side of the DigiPak. Red is  very emotional and thought of as passionate.

The colour red could be used on this DigiPak for (1):

  • Grabbing the attention of the audience
  • When attempting not to sink into the background
  • Using small doses can work better

There is, of course, the credits on the back, along with the song numbers & names. This is needed, as without it, we could not see the track list, nor would it be easy to recognise this as a CD/DigiPak. There is also the Records Companies & Producers, etc, on the back - Eg. Roswell Records & RCA. This is a standard expectation for a DigiPak or CD design, as is the Barcode.

There isn't much Entropy within this DigiPak, however, it wasn't until more recent years that the obsession with seeming hugely different has seemed to appeared, and as this album is nearly 10 years old, they almost certainly weren't focused on appearing completely different to everyone else available.

I like the use of only a small amount of colour in this DigiPak, and also the way they have taken around 1/4 of the back on the left side to put the credits & track list on, I will attempt to use this in my DigiPak if possible.

DigiPak & Advert Research: How I plan to present my research

For my research in DigiPak's and Adverts, I decided, I will attempt several ways to present this. This will include at least one research article just using Blogger & at least one on Prezi. The Blogger Research will be a simple Essay, just writing out ideas, etc. The Prezi Research will involve a more interactive way of looking at it, that way I can point at specifics, etc, using arrows. After creating one of each, I will decide which I prefer for presenting my research and will continue to use that in the rest of my blog.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Music Video & Redundancy/Entropy

Redundancy is the result of high predictability. It is something which his predictable or conventional. An example of a redundant image is a cute dog picture.

Entropy is, simple enough, unpredictability. A piece of media is entropic if it contains unpredictable elements.

My Music Video
As my target audience is not mainstreamers, and is towards Rockers and Individualists, I will be allowed to use a more Entropic approach to my own Music Video, however, I can't simply go completely Entropic, as it wouldn't make sense. Everything needs at least a mix of Entropic and Redundant elements. I would lean slightly more on the use of Entropic pieces (the dual camera shots), but will still have Redundant elements (Shots of the band playing somewhere else, having an actual story, etc).

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Feedback from my Pitch

When it came to comments on suitability for the stated target audience, there were mixed results - some people said it was "suitable" and other said differently. For example, one comment was "I would think 18+ would like this music" which, after something, I agreed, you don't just stop liking music because the band is younger than you, so after taking that into consideration, I decided young adults would also be involved in my target audience. Another comment mentioned that it could be "a bit grim for a young audience" which again, after some consideration, I agreed on, also, thinking to when I was younger, I didn't listen to more indie/rock music, I'd listen to whatever was popular at that time. It was only in my young teens I began listening to rock music. Another comment backs this up with "too morbid for pre-teens?".

When it came to the originality of the idea, nearly every single comment stated that it "sounds good" or "very original idea" and that "splitting the screen in two will be memorable". There are no other negative comments.

The only problems for logistical arrangements would be "what if you don't have the camera for long enough to get to all the different locations?". After thinking on this, I decided I'd take the camera out for Christmas aswell, and do all of the bands filming within the holidays.

All of the feedback on the technical aspects simply mentioned that I'd need some "knowledge of editing, but is very achievable". So I feel its definitely achievable.

All the feedback agreed it was realistic. Comments such as "I think it would work very well" and "Very serious issues, but good idea".

After checking through all my feedback, I found that every single person who saw my presentation answered "Yes" to the question: Overall, does this idea sound exciting and achievable, so there is no problems whatsoever there.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Music Videos which have inspired me

These videos include Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down, Eminem - Space Bound & Linkin Park - Numb. Only two are within my genre. I will explain why they inspired me so much in the idea process of this video at a later date.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Initial Music Video Analysis

Video being analysed : 50 Cent - Candy Shop
How do the visuals respond to the music?
During my analysis of this music video, I noticed several major things, this included, that during the start, when they heavy bass and beat comes into the song, the cuts are on times to the music. This shows use of synaesthesia, where the sounds have been made visual.
Also, I noticed during the verses, you a majority of what you saw was the women in his 'Candy Shop', but during the Chorus, he is the in most of the shots and the most important figure.
To what extent is there a narrative?
The narrative begins with him driving up to a spooky old mansion (a traditional British horror film setting). He goes into the door, and it turns out to be a brothel of sorts, named the 'Candy Shop'. He goes in, and enjoys himself. He then wakes up outside of a drive through of a 'Candy Shop'. It was all a dream (very cliché & not advised to be used in videos, film or even literature nowadays). This was supposed to be a male fantasy, or, to be exact, 50 Cent's fantasy.
What kind of image is the star presenting?
The image of 50 Cent in this video is very stereotypical for a modern Gangster/Rap Star. For example, he is a stereotypical African American 'gangster', he wears a pimp coat, has a large necklace on an even larger chain and he has lots of tattoos. Also, he uses product placement for his own brand of G-Unit clothing. Also, the Male Gaze is used many times in this video, showing 50 Cent as the strong, dominant male.
What is used and why? (Cinematography, Mise En Scene, Editing)
There are jump cuts in time with the music, which follows with Andrew Goodwin's idea of the music creating the music video, and not the other way around. There are also many reaction shots, to show it's his point of view, and that he is the dominant Alpha in the video. The Male Gaze is used within the video to sexualise the women, and make them more like objects than real people.
They used the English horror idea at the beginning in the Mise-En-Scene to make it seem almost unreal and like a fairytale. Which would be the case for 50 Cent, where this is his fantasy.
Is the video literal, disjunctive or amplifying?
There are mixed parts of each of these in the video. For example, in the lyrics he says "I'm the love doctor" on the scene where he is sat what seems to be a hospital bed, with a Nurse standing over him, touching his chest. However, other than this, there are no literal lyrics. During the last scene, where he wakes up and it's all a dream, it shows an element of disjunctive, as it says nothing of this within the lyrics.
However, mainly, it would show to be an Amplifying video, as there is an extra layer of meaning to the songs, the 'lollipop' is obviously a metaphor for his sexual organ, but you never actually see him letting anyone lick his, or an actual lollipop. Also, the video doesn't actually follow the lyrics as they don't tell a story, they just talk about his sexual prowess, and how much he wants to have sex with the women he is talking about or to.

Andrew Goodwin's Theory & Music Videos

The Five Key Aspects
Andrew Goodwin believed there was 5 key aspects to music videos. These include:

  1. Synaesthesia
  2. Narrative & Performance
  3. The Star Image
  4. Relation of visuals to song
  5. The technical aspects of the video

In Andrew Goodwin's case of the Synaesthesia, the first step is to take into account the structure of the song (chorus/verse, etc)
Next, listen to the 'Voice of the Song'. The Artists' voice can instantly form connotations and identify key aspects, not just of the music, but of the person themselves. Roland Barthes theory of the grain can related to this, as he sees the singing voice as an expressive instrument in itself.
Finally, Goodwin points out the artists' mode of address; the artist is the storyteller, the song is the story itself.

Narrative & Performance
When listening to a song, we only seem to get a general idea of what it is about, the rest is formed in our own heads. Goodwin explains to us that music videos should ignore common narrative as it is important in their role of advertisement. Narrative and performances should work hand in hand, as it makes the audience find it easier to watch, and therefoer, easier to lose themselves in. The audience needs to believe this is real.

The Star Image
The Star Image is vital in a music video. Meta narrative which is a big story which describes the development of the star (the artist) over time. It is important in the production process.

Relation of Visuals to Song
There are three ways in which a music video can be made.

  1. Illustrative : The video can use images which completely illustrate the lyrics of the song. An example of this is used in "Busted - What I go to school for" ("I drop the pencil on the floor" and he does so).
  2. Amplifying : This takes the base 'layer' of the song - the general meaning - and adds new layers on top of it. An example of this is "Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down".
  3. Disjunctive : The song meaning is completely ignored and he director can do anything he feels like. This is rare in today's industry. It is hard to pull off well.

The Technical Aspect of the Video
The technical aspects range from camera work & editing, to sounds, Mise-en-scene & special effects. These hold the fabric of the music video together.
Speed, camera movement, editing, cutting & post production are all use of cameras.
Lighting and colouring help set the mood and emphasise key moments in the song.
The Mise-En-Scene needs to look authentic to uphold a decent level of professionalism.
Music video's can also have 'beats' in the video cut in time to the music to hold a level of entertainment.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Skills Developed During the Busted Video

I felt that during the busted video I have increased a number of skills, these include my ability to lip sink my music to the video I have. I also feel I am able to edit to a better quality, so it seems to flow more fluently than before. Also, during the post production, I realised I could slow down, speed up & a few other things on the videos.
However, after losing several pieces of footage (including the image to the right), I felt that the quality of the video was pretty bad. Due to me not being there the day of filming because of illness, it seems (due to human error) nobody checked they had every piece of footage needed, so I had to improvise with several of my takes. I will have to reflect on this on my actual video. I consider this a 'skill' of sorts, that I have learnt the hard way, to double check footage whilst still on site at the shoot, in case I need to re-shoot shots.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Post-Production: Digital Technology

After we uploaded the shots, we realised we had put them in the wrong format, meaning every single time we put a shot onto Adobe Premier, we had to press enter to render the shots before we could work with them. If we hadn't, it would have taken nearly an hour to export the finished product, this slowed us down considerably.
After we got the shots, due to human error, we realised we had forgotten to take some of the shots from the camera, so we had to take them back off, and luckily, the memory had not been wiped. Then, we realised we hadn't even filmed some of the shots we needed, including the two I mentioned in earlier posts.
So as I mentioned, we had to improvise with parts of it, I feel that the first half of the video isn't nearly as good as it should have been. However, I also feel that the second half makes up for it and looks to a decent quality.
During the process I taught myself how to slow down and speed up separate clips, as shown by the sped up 'Sex Ed' writing on the board.


In Production, I learnt that, for my next project, I need to get actors who really don't mind being up close to the camera, as much of the time, when the camera was close, a lot of the actors got shy and started giggling, or kept trying to get the camera further back, which made the shot look much more amateurish and completely changed the shot itself.
Also, we missed out a few shots, so later, during the editing phase, we had to improvise shots to try and make it continue to flow, I feel we failed at that during the shot after the writing 'Sex Education', the teachers' head is supposed to turn, but we only had close ups of her face.

Production: Digital Technology

During the production stage of the task, I found that recreating lighting was a lot harder than I assumed it would be. I found it quite hard to get decent shots of people in the dark. After the production, I noticed that the light of the outside during darker shots got in the way quite badly, but by then it was too late to change it.
During the A2 Year, I would like to learn more about how to film with a camera in a professional way, I found that our shots looked quite amateurish in comparison. In fairness, it didn't help that we didn't get to pick people who really wanted to do it, to choose our cast, we just put our names into hats and picked out names, so the main 'characters' of Busted didn't really want to be in it, so they didn't put in maximum effort, which in fairness, is not their fault, most people are like that in front of a camera.
I would also like to increase my skills of editing, as I find the process very interesting, I feel I could have done a better job on the Busted video, if I were able to have more time editing it and taking my time.

Research & Planning

During the planning stage, it was very helpful to have a complete shot list, as it made us able to quickly compile a storyboard for the video. The shooting list was also incredibly helpful, as without it, we probably would have simply filmed the shots in order, and it would have taken much, much longer than if we had taken about 5-10 minutes creating this.
However, I wish we had been more sure about what was meant to go on in the shot lists, as we missed two pieces of footage, and since we were unable to go back and change it, I had to attempt to improvise the shots and try to make it look natural with footage we already had.
Some of the planning we did involved taking individual screen shots of the music video, then putting them into a storyboard which we could carry onto set with us. To the right is one of the screen shots we used in the storyboard.
During the A2 year, I believe I will have to compile storyboards, list personnel for the current task, research general conventions, write shooting scripts, list props needed, plan schedules, construct health & safety assessments, book equipment, actually gather the props and of course, scout out the areas I need to use.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Introduction to A2 Media

During the first few weeks of A2 Media, we have been working on recreating a Music Video, we used Busted - What I Go To School For.To do this we had to go through all the stages of Research, Planning, Production and Post Production. We worked as a team during the Research, Planning and Production stages, however, we split up and worked by ourselves for the Post-Production side of things.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Summer Task

This year I will be working on print work for an album/CD cover. This will include a full digipak. To do this, I will need to work on my Photoshop skills especially, as this will be the main feature I use. I will also create a magazine advert for the print work. And finally, I will be creating a Music Video in a group. This will take much preparation.