Sunday, 18 December 2011

Shot List

Song Part
Shot Type
What happens in the shot?
Intro : First 15 seconds
One - Seven
Close up & Extreme close ups of face, fade out between
Verse 1
Eight, nine, ten
Close up, Match-On-Action
Shots of band. Eight = Lead Singer. Nine = Close up of Guitar
Ten = Drums

Paul pacing bedroom

Bully face, black background

Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen
Close-up, Mid-shot to Close-up
Shots between angry/laughing bullies & increasingly close shots of Paul, closing up to his face
Music louder, closer to chorus
Paul throws items off of desk in fit of fury

Twenty, twenty one, twenty two
Close-up & Extreme Close-Up
All three in quick succession, close to Paul's face, showing fury as he does this.

Twenty three
Mid Close-up
All of the bullies laughing sinisterly into camera lense
Twenty four, Twenty Five
Match-On-Action, Close up
24 – match on action closeup of guitar, close-up lead singer

Twenty Six
Paul runs from room, towards stairs, camera is behind him

Twenty Seven, Twenty Eight
Match-On-Action, Close-up
Drummer playing drums, close up from behind

Twenty nine, Thirty, Thirty One
Jump-Cuts, Wideshot
Paul running down stairs, three jump cuts

Thirty two, thirty three, thirty four
Mid-shot, match-on-action, continuity
Paul gets down stairs, opens the door, runs out

Thirty five - Fourty Two
Long Shot
Paul runs from house, extremly quick editing to Paul running through streets, etc

Chorus ends, Verse 2 begins

Fourty Three

Long Shot

Paul stops, hands against walls, catches breath

Fourty Four
Close-up, focus change
Paul out of breath, see a group of laughing youths

Fourty Five, Fourty Six, Fourty Seven, Fourty Eight
Shot-Reverse-Shot, Long-shot
They laugh at him, then leave

Fourty Nine
Shot from side of paul, he leaves

Establishing shot
Shot of woods

Fifty One, Fifty Two, Fifty Three, Fifty Four
Point of view, crabbing shots
Goes between point of view & crabbing shots of Paul walking through woods

Fifty five
Wide-shot of band

Fifty Six, Fifty Seven, Fifty Eight
Over-the shoulder & Close-up
Paul looks both ways in woods, one is light, one is dark

Fifty Nine
Camera goes behind, he 'splits' off into both direction. One half goes on way, one goes the other.

'Continued Split-shot' long shot
Camera watches him walk away either way.

Sixty One
Paul walking from woods, considerably more contrast/darkness in shot.

Sixty Two – Sixty Five
Mid-Shot, Mid-Close up, Close up, Extreme close up
Jump Cuts closer to Paul, still dark

Sixty Six
Cut to mid-shot
Paul, normal light

Sixty Seven-Seventy Five
Mix of shots
Mix of dark/light Paul travelling towards the same cathedral & band shots
Chorus Begins
Seventy Five – One hundred
Band playing & both Paul's looking at graveyard & church
Chorus Ends, Guitar Solo
Hundred and one
Guitar/Guitar player
Interlude of Song

Close-ups, mid shots,
Pauls looking at gravestones
Ending Chorus Repeats

Close-ups, mid shots, wide shots, long shots
Lots of band shots, both Pauls moving to tree. Sit down either side, both back in the same shot, 'Split-shot' again.

Close up
Hand falling down, dropping pill bottle,another hand reaching out to grip it.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Exposing only one colour in Video

As with my Digipak, I'd like to use this effect in my video, when using clips of the band, so whilst this quide is for the wrong software, I'm pretty sure it's the same general idea for Adobe Premiere. I will test this at a later date.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Location & Permission

My House
There is no permission needed here, it's all sorted, Paul will come to my house on a monday when my parents are at work, so I need not worry about them being in the way, etc.

SJS Band Member House
That is all sorted with the manager, we can use their house.

Pershore Abbey
I got into contact with the Pershore Abbey Minister via e-mail, and he wanted me to ring him so we could arrange a date to meet face to face. After several attempts ringing him in the allotted hours he suggested in the e-mail, with no reply, I realised he was probably extremely busy with Christmas coming up. So I decided, a little after Christmas day, I will ring him again, to try and get a date sorted to meet him. Below is the e-mail reply he sent. I will keep this posted & updated.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Choreography/Movements and Blocking

Camera Positions & Movement
The camera positions and movements whilst viewing the band will follow them almost completely, including close ups of the use of the instruments & singing.
The camera will also, at times, follow the main 'character' in this video in several ways. Sometimes it will follow behind him in his exact footsteps, sometimes it will watch him as he does something or is involved in something.

The performer positions and movements
The bands positions will generally include playing instruments & singing, there won't be any fixed choreography in time with the music other than singing & playing the instruments. There will be no fixed choreography in the way of dance, etc. Again, with the 'main character' there won't be any fixed choreography, there will be close up, emotional moments, etc, but no actual dance, etc.

The location of other important features of the mise en scene
Whilst in the bands house, there will of course be an amp, etc, to make the band playing look realistic, and whilst in front of the cathedral, they will need to be placed decently in front of the church.
With my 'main character' who ends up spiralling into death in one 'storyline' I will need things such as the pills I will show to suggest his death. There will also be a scene where he walks through a graveyard, the gravestones will be key in this scene.

Camera Movement & Blur Test
I used a camera to film my media teacher to see at what speed would the camera begin to blur and how quickly it would focus, etc. Below is the result.
I found that I had little problem with camera blurring under fast movement, however, when I was moving the camera fast, as I most likely would in the music video filming, I often lost sight of my target, I will need to be more careful when actually filming and keep a close eye on  what the camera can see.

Costumes & Props

Needed Props:

Costumes for the SJS Band:

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Performers - Casting

Lead Singer & Guitarist: James Mattey
Drumer: Seb Fell
Bass Guitarist: Sarah Walker
Depressed Teenager: Paul Austin
Possible Extras: Sarah Tyrer, Cameron Fairburn, Sam Jeffrey, Rosie Emms and maybe others.
For my casting, I have already decided the four main people ion the music video. This will include the actual band, as shown to the left, who will mainly be in the chorus playing the instruments. The 'main character' of the Video, and album in general, will be played by a friend of mine named Paul Austin. He does Drama at A Level, and did so at GCSE also.
He is the main face of the Digipak, due to the ide aof the 'album' to be following the story of this teenager (Who will be played by Paul).
He is reliable, as shown by him showing up on perfect time for the photoshoot, and he fits the part for a rock music video well, as he has longer hair, which fits a slightly stereotypical view of rock listeners. Due to his acting ability and comfort infront of a character, he will be able to play a troubled/depressed teenager well.

The band will also be reliable as they are receiving a music video from his, therefore they are just as hopeful as me for this to go well.

There will also be arguing parents of the main character within the video, these will be played by my parents.

The people I have picked out to be Extras are all fairly close friends and over half of them also do drama at A level, so they will be fine in front of a camera.

Time Management - Research & Planning

What I plan to do & When:
07/12/11 - Performers & Casting, Time Management sheet
09/12/11 - Choereography/moments & blocking, Costumes & Props
12/12/11 - Continued Research into target audience, Storyboarding
14/12/11 - Storyboarding
15/12/11 - Storyboarding
16/12/11 - Shotlist

Out of Lessons:
10-11/12/11 - Organisation of locations/permission & Research into target audience
17-18/12/11 - Finish off anything unfinished.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Additional 'Research' which inspired me for this video

As mentioned earlier in my blog, several music videos inspired me when creating this video.
Including Linkin Park - Numb, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down and Eminem - Space Bound.
These have all inspired me in several ways, as I felt it included as research, I felt I would explain why.

First, the Space Bound video by Eminem. This video is nothing to do with the genre I wanted to do, other than a few guitar rifts. However, if you watch the video, at exactly 1:20, Eminem 'splits' into two, using the same camera trick I want to do. This video inspired me to do this, as I thought it was a really good concept, yet I felt it wasn't played upon enough, in this video, one side got angry, etc, and the other side just sat down and rapped.

Second, Linkin Park - Numb, this video inspired me in two ways. First, the very basis of my music video, having the band and the 'story' of the video completely separate. In this video it follows a girl who is too going through some depression and it feelings rather abandoned and alone. I felt it worked extremely well, as it is one of Linkin Parks' biggest Music Videos.

Finally, with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, they too used the 'separate' feel from the band and the main character, however, they had a slightly more 'indie' feel which I felt would work for my band, in the way that they were playing in a simple house, nowhere special, whilst Linkin Park was playing in a church.

These three videos inspired me greatly during the research & planning phase of the video.

Post-Digipak Audience Feedback

After finishing the Digipak, I went back to some people who I knew were rock fans, and asked them a few questions, to the left is one of the responses. There were only two things I heard complains about - first, that the stars ratings should have been in white, instead of black.
Second, from only one person, (whilst talking in person, which I didn't film) that they didn't understand why the guitar was at the dinner table on the front of the Digipak. However, he only brought that up once I pointed it out, he then afterwards said that he still liked it as it was "A bit weird, which you see a lot on front of albums". So despite the idea of 'humanising' the guitar didn't come across (possibly due to me not doing it strongly enough), it still worked, as it was just generally a more entropic idea, which, looking through Rock albums, is often the case.

Printwork - Finished Digipak

Printwork - Finished Advert